Windows 11 Install

There are a few scam downloads for Windows 11 installation media, so best avoided. However, techies will want to install the new OS to test it and the best way to do this, the only way currently according to Microsoft, is to install Windows 10 and then join the Windows Insider Program.

I have tried using a Virtual PC and it isn’t very useful, so I got another SSD for my main PC, installed Win 10 on it and joined the program.

It didn’t take too long to get it working as opposed to the Virtual which took forever and didn’t work very well. After a few reboots Windows 11 was up and running with all devices recognised.

Windows Boot Manager takes care of choosing which OS to boot.

The second option was still named Windows 10 so I used BCDEdit to rename it.

Windows 11 boots in much the same way as Windows 10 with a few tweaks

The desktop is the same but different

All devices recognised on my PC

I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux

Then downloaded Ubuntu from the store

When I treid to launch it things went a bit wrong.

I got the above error and it wouldn’t go any further. I’m sure this will be sorted soon.

UPDATE: Linux subsytem now working

Windows 11 will support Android apps but only from the Amazon App Store. I managed to get Tik Tok installed and a couple of others but do we need it?

They say Win 11 will be available on new hardware purchased sometime from October onwards, ready for Christmas I guess. Upgrades for those with suitable hardware from 2022. As for the Hardware requirements, TPM etc. Can you imagine a non technical home user being able to work it out? Be prepared for lots of questions next year.

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