The long awaited, or long dreaded, update for Windows is being advertised and once more moves itself further towards OSX.

The hardware requirements will also rule out some older processors as a 64bit Dual core is a minimum as is UEFI and TPM (Trusted Platform Module) which must be V2. Also needed is a DirectX 12 compatible graphics card, 4GB memory, 64GB storage and for the “Home” version you will need a Microsoft account.  Click the link at the bottom to go to the Microsoft site showing the full requirements.

Support for Android apps is on it’s way as is further support for Linux systems and possibly support for the Linux GUI. We also see the return of Widgets, <sarcasm> well why not as they worked so well in Windows 8 </sarcasm>, which some folks love and others not so much.

Many of the most troublesome requirements are already generating possible workarounds, but we have support for Windows 10 until 2025 so there is time to examine possibilities.

Alternatively, buy a Mac or switch to Linux.

System Requirements


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