Win 11 – 23H2 (ZINC?) Preview

Windows 11 23H2 update, expected in the latter part of the year, has quite a few updates and possibly a strange code name (ZINC). So if you would lie a quick run down, without the ads we seem to get more of now on YouTube, read on.

What to expect – more detail with Pictures & Videos later in this post

This is an AI sidebar to help you or inspire you. Basically it is Chat GPT. Also in Edge, XBox, MS 365 and a few other apps.

File Explorer notable new features
1. Rar, 7-ZIP etc now can be accessed similar to zip files (compressed folders)
2. Gallery View
3. Tear off a tabs (like Browser)

TaskBar UI (turn back the clock features)
1. Tasbar Settings – Stop combining tabs
2. Move Start Menu to left

System Settings
1. End Task feature can be turned on
2. Create virtual disks you can use BitLocker on

Other stuff and rumours
1. Snipping Tool will include recording screen
2. Outlook to replace Mail App in future


The CoPilot icon is shown circled above

Note: Click Images to Zoom

This brings up a side bar where you can enter a query

Here I ask the CoPilot to turn on Bluetooth. It gives me a dialog offering to turn it on for me.

Note: Expand Videos for better viewing

File Explorer – Compressed Folders include Rar and 7-Zip

File Explorer – Tear off a tabs

Taskbar – Reposition

TaskBar – End Task

End a Task or End all Instances of the Task (All Windows)

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