“Defender security warning” SCAM

Windows Defender security warning is a type of scareware or a phishing scam.

It redirects you to a page that looks like the official Microsoft website, even though its URL suggests otherwise. The page will display a message that your computer has been infected with malware (Trojan, for example) and that you need to contact a customer support agent by phone so that they could fix the problem.

We are seeing the Windows Defender security warning scam in the wild once again. It is easy to fall for this scam if you are not paying attention. Here are some of the possible reasons:

  • You visited a compromised website that redirected you to the scam page
  • You clicked an ad that redirected you to the fake website
  • You have malicious adware installed on your device

Here are the basic measures to protect your device :

  • Don’t click on random links without knowing where they will lead you to
  • Don’t download suspicious applications
  • Keep your OS and all the software updated
  • Don’t open suspicious emails or their attachments
  • Use an adblocker to block malicious ads
  • Use an anti-malware program

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