Shift Click on TaskBar

I was amazed to find out that not everyone knows about using shift click on items on the Windows taskbar. This has been around since Windows 7 and I find it most useful.

It works on the vast majority of Windows Applications.

We all know a single click on a TaskBar icon will open a window for the particular app, or at least I hope we do. However, what I find useful, and I think most techies will if they don’t already, is when I have a window open, let’s say Explorer, and I then want to open another Explorer window with the default settings so that I can do another task then come back to the current window and carry on, I can just hold down Shift and click on the appropriate TaskBar icon. This is useful as I get interrupted quite a lot.

Here it is in Windows 7

Here I used it to open a fresh NotePad window in Windows 10.

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