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With the rumours all over the web about the possibility that Windows could be moving to the Linux Kernel sometime in the future, it may be time to learn a bit about it.

Why would they do that? I imagine you saying. Well, Microsoft are pushing cloud-based subscription solutions in all areas. The Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS and similar platforms. Windows 10 updates seem to be ever more problematic almost as if they stopped working too hard on it.

It would therefore be easier if they changed to a Linux kernel and let the open source community shoulder the burden of development.  This worked well for Apple as they moved over to Intel hardware and Google based Android on a modified version of the Linux kernel.

I have some documents here to get you started installing a Linux system. It will work well on and old computer, on a Raspberry Pi, on a virtual computer or on Windows 10 using the subsystem for Linux.

Get Started

Installing Linux

Windows 10 Susystem for Linux

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