Windows 10 Update Problems

KB4524244 and KB4532693 recent updates and their unintended consequences are still causing concern to some users. It is recommended that these are removed from Windows Update.

Here are some of the problems.


This standalone security update has been removed due to an issue affecting a sub-set of devices. Some users report freezes, boot problems, reset and installation issues since it was released on February 11. It will not be re-offered from Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services.


The Windows 10 KB4532693 update appears to be buggier than originally thought as users are reporting that the update is deleting their files. Even though the bug is affecting only a small number of users, it is a devastating one for those impacted. After the Windows 10 KB4532693 cumulative update was released last week, users started to report that their desktop and Start Menu was reset to the default settings and that they could no longer find files stored in their user profile.

To remove, search for Update History and then choose Uninstall updates then select the offending update and click uninstall. (May need a reboot)

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