Is Windows 7 dead?

If you use Windows 7 should you worry about lack of support?

Although mainstream support ended January 2015 a lot of people are still using this Operating System.



And why not? It is still a good OS, in fact it only needed one service pack throughout the lifecycle.  And talking of service packs, if you have installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1, then you will still get extended support up to at least January 2020.

So what are the downsides of using Win 7?  Well if you are installing it on newer hardware you may have problems with some software and drivers for the latest chipsets.  However, if you use it then it is probably because you have software that runs well on it, or hardware that may be incompatible with a newer OS.  Perhaps you don’t want the hassle of getting users up to speed on a new system, or you are too mean to flash the cash.  Whichever it is, if you have a system that works for you now, then you should be OK for another year or two.

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  1. Hi John Ray H from Starlight days ! I’m still on Widows 7 pro on my Fujitsu PC . Its very stable and I include Malwearbytes protection. I hope to keep going until 2020.. Some Abode Photo edit programmes from way back still work OK. Thanks for your article Its nice to know I’m relatively safe.. .. I don’t like touch screen, Hope you and yours are fine.. Ray H

  2. Hi John Hope you and yours are OK ? Still on Windows 7 pro as an backgriund OS but never go on line with it , only Google chrome browser , I’m still have Malwarebites and Bit defender which as you know still support this OS. My Fujitsu PC is stable and no conflicting software I just boosted the Ram to 16MB and its plenty fast enough for photo edit and some video ( 720Mbps HD ) I don’t like touch screens and Microsoft seem to be going backwards ? Their concept of Os’s seem to be really out of date to me ! … Is there any prospect of another OS option. for PC’s John ?

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